2013 METROLAND Magazine Wedding Guide

January 31, 2013

What You Asked For

Wedding service professionals answer questions on trends and unusual requests in preparation to their big day. Metroland Magazine goes one on one with DJ Debonair with an intimate question and answer interview concerning his most outrageous to most common questions couples have asked him in his experience as a wedding dj and planner.

Story by Shawn Stone

Metroland: Is there anything people sometimes ask for that you caution them that they might regret later?

DJ Debonair: Scantily clad or body painted Go-Go Dancers, which we do provide upon request but wouldn't work for their reception.

Metroland: When you are discussing your wedding-related services with clients, is there any one thing almost all of them ask for?

DJ Debonair: The most common question almost all clients ask is "How much experience do you have with both formal and informal weddings, involving not only the receptions but the actual wedding ceremony itself?" Seems like a lot of clients are now having the ceremony and receptions in the same place, so we as dj's might have to learn certain norms, customs or religious formalities as a precursor to their event.

Metroland: What is the funniest or the most unusual request you have received from a client?

DJ Debonair: Lol If I could accompany the bridal party (Bride & Bride) on their honeymoon.

Metroland: What new trends are you seeing only recently?

DJ Debonair: Gone is the wedding dj that comes in with minimal equipment, that sets up on just a table with very few antiquated lights. I believe that the wedding reception should resemble a nightclub curtailed to the genre of music the couple is fond of and to resemble the time when they first met and had their intimate and memorable times...I provide a custom playlist of music based on the bride and grooms wants/needs and transform the room to that era or a combination of all based on their guests in attendance.

Metroland: Is there anything about your business/service that you have changed based on accumulated input from clients?

DJ Debonair: We went from the typical table-top wedding dj's, to a full production reception with a nightclub feel.